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Play #Fanta100 invited all teenagers to have fun and get rewards by completing a series of challenges. The impulses spread like wildfire through social media, on packaging in the stores, and on TV Spots with special events. Teenagers created their pics and shared them with their friends with the hashtag #Fanta100 on Facebook and Instagram to compete for rewards and have fun.

“100 Things to Do Before You Are 18”
 became Fanta’s most successful award-winning multi-channel campaign and expanded to 35-European countries over 2-years.

Concept idea, writing the lead and the most of impulses, outdoor events, online competitions.

Coca-Cola GmbH, Germany


Most popular hashtags:

#Fanta23 – Make a duck face next to a duck.
#Fanta11 – Make your Fanta huge.
#Fanta52 – Share an XXL shirt with your BFF.
#Fanta43 – Put an ice cream cone on your forehead and play unicorn.
#Fanta12 – Drink a Fanta upside down

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